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Phonathon for the Bellevue Schools Foundation

October 23, 2007

Last night, for the 2nd straight year, I spent an evening calling other parents at my son’s school trying to get pledges for the Bellevue School Foundation.  One of the nice things they do is curriculum enhancement grants (Fall 2006 grants, Winter 2007 grants).

The Pitch
My son, finding out what I had planned for the night, was suggesting what I could say, so I had him type up his script for me:

greetings . would you like to donate money to the Bellvue school district? If you do it they might help you when you get old.

Clearly, I should have led with…listen to my son’s pitch…the schools need help, don’t you see.  🙂

My Results
Anyway, I got commitment for about $1,275 in pledges (before matching funds) after calling about 5 sheets worth of parents.  Left a bunch of messages on answering machines as well…

Microsoft Donations
Microsoft is supposed to pay charities when I volunteer my time ($17/hour, if I recall)…I need to go figure out how that works, I haven’t tried to get that paid since that program started a year or two ago…


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