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Mobile developers and Kinect

November 13, 2011

I’ll Be Working on the Railroad

I recently had a rowing regatta in Portland. I had to mix some work in that weekend, so I took the train. I booked a business class ticket ($15 more each way). I was working on slides and demos for my DevConnections talk on 11/2 in Las Vegas about Kinect beta 2, v1 and beyond.

Here is a picture of my laptop and Kinect plugged in, and a demo app running on the train:


SkeletonViewer-WPF App

The app running in that photo is an evolution of our SDK’s SkeletonViewer-WPF app. Beta 2 included this new componentized SkeletonViewer app. KinectColorViwer and KinectDepthViewer are side by side in the app window.

On that trip I evolved that app to have a new component – KinectSkeletonViewer which overlapped both the color image and the depth image and rendered the skeleton on top of the color or depth image. In the beta 2 version of that app, the skeleton viewer code is part of KinectDiagnosticViewer. This new componentization work didn’t get to ship in Kinect for Windows v1-beta2, but we’ll get it out to devs in the future.

Recording/Playback of Kinect Data

One of the things I demoed at DevConnections was an Xbox SDK tool to record and playback Kinect data. That would have been easier for my train based development. I could have just used the pre-recorded Kinect data (color, depth, etc…) instead of bringing the Kinect with me. I’ll be excited when we can deliver that for Kinect for Windows developers too.


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