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Release Candidate of .NetFx 3.0 posted online

September 1, 2006
We are steaming along towards shipping.  Today we released the Release Candidate (RC) of .NetFx 3.0 for download.
Recent Public Builds
Beta 2 (May 2006) -> June 2006 CTP -> July 2006 CTP -> RC1 (September 1, 2006)
The GetTheBeta page points towards 2 newly available downloads:

If your application is ready to run in production, see the go live license that is available for the RC build.

Affiliated Developer & Designer Tools

We aren’t able to simultaneously ship EID & Orcas for .Net 3.0, but we expect them soon.

Please keep the WPF feedback coming!

Have a great weekend!

Update (9/7):
There…now Orcas and EID are avaialble too!
Thanks for all the kind words.  Our team is very excited to see so many great uses of WPF/XAML..  We are thankful for all the feedback we have gotten about this very public preview of WPF since 2003.  See you on the forums!


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  1. Kevin permalink

    I\’m already starting to feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve…

  2. Keeron permalink

    Great job! Looking foward to installing the just released RC-1 build of Vista and the WinfX SDK.

  3. Mahesh permalink

    This is excellent news…congratulations! I did a DevCare presentation on WPF couple of days ago, in Minneapolis, at Microsoft Office and I was happy to see the response from the attendees, as they where thrilled to see the possibilities with WPF. Now I feel like an attendee- ie., I am very excited about the RC download of .Net 3.0.
    I just have one question- I don\’t see an RC for Orcas attached to this release; so, can I use a June CTP Orcas against this RC? Good job, Rob- I don\’t know how you guys (at Microsoft) take up to release so many technologies (Vista, Office 2007, .Net 3.0), around the same time frame, and at the same time, and still allow the community to test drive such awesome software; please keep up this public dogfooding trend.

  4. Rob permalink

    If you can\’t wait until next week when Orcas preview will be available, you could install the June CTP of it on top of RC1.
    It will give you xaml intellisense, project template and item template support.
    Cider, of course, since it has binary dependencies on the build of WPF, won\’t work, so…
    You\’ll want to change the default XAML editor after installation to the XML Editor (right click on a xaml file, open with…, xml editor, set as default)
    When the new one comes out next week, you could uninstall the June one, and install the new one.  (Note- I haven\’t tested this, but I can\’t imagine why there would be a problem with this.)

  5. Josh permalink

    I think it\’s silly to release a new version of .NET 3.0 before releasing the dev tools which work with that version.  Who is going to download a version of the SDK which prohibits them from working with it in VS?  Am I missing something here?  Is it possible to work with the new bits using the June release of Orcas or EID?
    Other than that, keep up the stellar work!! 🙂
    Josh Smith

  6. Rob permalink

    I understand your feelings about shipping the runtime and sdk before tools are available.
    Yes, see my previous comments on this post…you can use June CTP of Orcas until next week.
    I think Arik said that EID with skip version check may work also.
    Thanks, Rob

  7. Jon permalink

    Congrats! I\’m looking forward to both "Orcas" and Vista RC1 but I\’m excited about this milestone!

  8. Dag H. Baardsen permalink

    Being able to run the RC1 framework in VS 2005 using an old Orcas version is nice, but unfortunately a version check in the install procedure of Orcas refuses it to be installed on top of the new RC1. Orcas install complains about not having .NET Framework 3.0 installed. Shame, really.

  9. Rob permalink

    Installing June CTP of Orcas should work if you use this technique to install:
    msiexec /i vsextwfx.msi WRC_INSTALLED_OVERRIDE=1

  10. Chia Fong permalink

    It seems like yesterday when I was at the PDC 05!  And now, Windows Vista has turned RC1 together with Windows SDK and .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly still call WinFX).
    One reason why Windows SDK should be released before any other tools is because certain program actually relies on the header file provided in Windows SDK to compile but don\’t need the tools to help them run.  For example program that make use of the new Audio topology.  Especially since the header file has been breaking ever since the release of Windows Vista interim build 5536. 

  11. Simon permalink

    Congrats! It\’s a major achievement reaching RC1.  Looking forward to getting into it.
    Good luck moving forward to RTM!

  12. steve.binney permalink

    Congrats on this milestone!
    I installed RC1 of .Net 3.0 and the Windows SDK and left beta 2 Orcas on my XP system. With the exception of Cider (which I was not using anyway), I am able to create and run new WPF projects and rebuild and run (without any changes) my existing beta 2 WPF projects. 
    Any update onthe ORCAS RC1 release?

  13. Unknown permalink

    Nice work Rob, we appreciate all your hard work….
    Ron @ Mobiform

  14. Eriawan permalink

    Okay, I\’ll wait for the release of "Orcas" Technology Preview for .Net 3.0 but I hope the date is correct and really meet the expected ETA.
    Now it\’s 7th September, 2006 and I would be glad to wait.

  15. Eriawan permalink

    By the way, Rob… The related resource link about VS 2005 Extensions for .NET 3.0 RC1 on this website (Windows SDK RC1 Download) doesn\’t work at all.
    This site should be updated or edited. Am I missing a link or is it just me? On this thread on MSDN forum, MarcG also said that.

  16. Rob permalink

    Sorry, the link should be functional now, but there are some technical difficulties.
    Hopefully we\’ll clear up Thursday (Seattle time).

  17. Rob permalink

    Ok, EID and Orcas are both online now.  Updated the page with the links!

  18. Mike permalink


    You all did a great job. This week a give my first self-made course with the June CTP. All of the attendees where very pleased by its functionality. Tomorrow morning the first thing I’m going to do is install “Orcas” and update my course. I hope there are a lot of new features to please the developers.

  19. Atul permalink

    I am not able to install Orcas on top of .Net 3.0 RC1 .
    I was had installed .NetRC1 and Win SDK but was working with June CTP using
    msiexec /i vsextwfx.msi WRC_INSTALLED_OVERRIDE=1 mentioned by Rob Relyea
    I have tried uninstalling everything and installing everything but the install programs would not run and complains of missing .Net3.0.
    How can I solve this nightmare? Any leads..

  20. Fx-DiamondBack permalink

    I am also having the same issue mentioned by  Atul Bahl….I Removed the Older .NET 3.0 Runtime,Windows SDK & Orcas…Than installed via the links provied above…But!!
    When i go to install the Orcas RC1 again like Atul Bahl mentions it complains about the .NET 3.0 Runtime files,that i\’m missing a Prerequisite is missing,Mentioning i need to install the .NET FrameWork 3. Runtime..I have also posted in the Cider part of the msdn forum on this issue…Thxs for all the work you guys are doing and for fixing this current problem…

  21. Fx-DiamondBack permalink

    I tried what Rob mentioned for the Orcas RC1  msiexec /i vsextwfx.msi WRC_INSTALLED_OVERRIDE=1 and it does install even thou it tells you..That you are missing all the requirements like MSDN Documentatioin etc.I fired up Visual Studio and the Windows Fx was listed,than Imported one of my current projects with no problems..Even ran the Debugger to see if their would be any issues their,but as of right now everything looks to be a O.K…
    I\’m currently using the .NET 3.0 RC1,Work Flow Foundation RC5,Windows SDK RC1 & EID Sept Build…

  22. J.C. permalink

    Perhaps you need to run this cleaner utilitiy before your installed… it worked for me:

  23. Atul permalink

    I am really struggling to install .NetFx Rc1, Windows SDK and orcas community release. Even after installing and running the uninstall utility and installing the whole sequence twice it is not working.
    Visual studio will not recognise my wpf projects.
    Can somebody help me out here as I am really stuck and cannot code.

  24. Rob permalink

    Sorry to hear of the difficulty.
    I see that you asked your question in a few places.  Please continue this discussion at your other posting, you have 2 follow up questions from people already.
    Thanks, Rob

  25. Todd permalink

    The Orcas bits fail to install for me on a clean XP SP2 system.
    We need to make sure that customers/partners experience the best install/uninstall process; unforunately, that is rarely true in (our) Microsoft products. 
    Please *test* the install/uninstall a little bit more thoroughly in the future. 

  26. Rob permalink

    Sorry to hear of that problem.  Please help us understand the problem so we can fix it…
    What version were you trying to install?  RC1 or Sept CTP?
    What else did you install on this clean machine before attempting to install Orcas?
    Thanks, Rob

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