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BlogTalk: News Readers

March 10, 2007

Building on my earlier post (WPF based NewsReaders), I just did a quick look at the last week of blogdom regarding the Times Reader and the Seattle PI Reader:

Raking Leaves: "I just wanted to recommend the New York Times reader again. They just updated it so that you can read any issue of the Times from the past week, a really useful feature. I’ve used the reader extensively on flights by syncing the articles before I leave, and it’s been great."

jkOnTheRun: great post on gadgets and software used by jk includes Times Reader

Doc Searls: quotes "The Race", Robert Kuttner’s take on where newspapers are headed…including the quote:

"even people like me of the pre-Internet generation will be largely won over by ingenious devices like Times Reader, supplemented by news alerts, rss feeds, and God knows what else." 

It isn’t clear if Doc has tried the reader yet though…

Technovangelist: "When traveling, I love to get a bit of news from home"  … likes that the Seattle PI Reader is out. characterizes MS statements as a  policy offensive against Google.

In Rubin’s speech later today, he will put forth the proposition that society today finds itself at a crossroads. "What path will we as a society choose in making the world’s books and publications available online?" he plans to ask. "Will we choose a path that nourishes creativity and innovation over the long term and that preserves incentives for authors to offer their best works online? Or will we choose a path that encourages companies simply to ‘take’ the works of others, without any regard for copyright or the impact of their actions on authors and publishers too?"

The speech will make mention of three Microsoft beta programs which will not be news to many publishers in the audience: its library archive search program, now being called Live Search Academic, which enables individuals to peruse the collected works from major libraries and institutions whose copyrights have often long since expired; the New York Times reader program, which presents a replica of the daily newspaper’s precise contents on-screen; and the British Library’s "Turning the Pages 2.0," which makes use of the new Windows Presentation Foundation for delivering rich content crafted around selected works, such as the notebooks of da Vinci.

DaviSayer: "Times Reader…has become part of my daily routine"

PI Reader FAQ+: "In the two weeks since we released a beta of P-I Reader, a standalone Windows application for downloading and enjoying our content offline, users have given us a lot of feedback. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received…"


Wanted to search a bit about London Daily Mail Reader and Forbes Reader…but my blog search engine is down…so I’ll catch them next time…

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