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WPF/Xaml Web News – 2007-05-30

May 30, 2007


  • Pavan Podila – "Structuring a WPF User Interface" – Pavan shows how a UI can be factored into user controls using an example of an IM client.
  • Kevin Moore – "20 steps to happiness" – Kevin shows how WPF Goodness + VS "Orcas" design-time Goodness + Linq goodness = happiness
  • – "How to build the next ultimate application platform" – He calls out GPU assisted rendering, great typesetting/layout, insanely easy animation, & the basics.  I’d argue that the basics is a lot longer than listed…
  • Me – "list of Mix07 WPF Talks" – Kevin Moore’s XD009 WPF for Devs Part 2 just had his video posted…check it out.
  • Dwayne Need – "Multithreaded UI HostVisual" – Dwayne is a great dev lead on our team that I often go to ask "how does X work?"  Noticed on Kevin’s blog that he started blogging in April.  Go encourage him to blog more…
  • – WPF Map Bird View System – Goo Labs published Xbap map viewer.  Hard to navigate extensively without Japanese knowledge…would love to see somebody’s analysis if they can read the UI…
  • Flash Platform! – Remix event in Milan, Italy – this blogger is impressed by Expression Blend.


  • – Remix07 in Milan (my take on Silverlight) – interesting read.  6 ui platforms is a bit much – i like to think of it as 3…but perhaps gadgets should be added to make 4: gadgets,, silverlight, wpf.  I leave out the fact that there are 2 versions of Silverlight (1.0 jscript only, 1.1 w/ .net support) and I don’t list WinForms as most of their functionality is (or will be) supported in WPF.
  • – Fat Pipe (and a little Silverlight) – discusses experience with a Yahoo Pipe and now Microsoft Popfly.
  1. Pavan permalink

    Hi Rob, Thanks for linking me. Just a small nitpick: my last name is misspelled, should be "Podila" 🙂

  2. Rob permalink

    Ooops.  Sorry.  Yes, I know your last name, just mistyped it.  Corrected now…

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