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September 15, 2006

Mike Hillberg now joins other Architects who have made major contributions across WPF (Chris Anderson, Greg Schechter, Chuck Jazdzewski) with his entry into the Blog-iverse.

Mike has been part of the WPF team from the very beginning and his knowledge of the system, from the perspective of our customers and the implementation details, is truly amazing.  He had a great impact on much of WPF and the XAML Language.

He has a great passion to make sure WPF is debuggable, so in his first post he digs into Trace sources in WPF.

His summary:

WPF (Avalon) uses the .Net tracing system to provide some diagnostics about what’s going on inside your WPF application. It’s not at all an exhaustive set of traces, and in fact it’s still pretty rudimentary. But frequently it’s enough to help out when you’re trying to debug a problem.

Get the examples and details…

I’m looking forward to more great posts!


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